Stupendous Reasons

Why One Should Use Public Transport ?

Public transportation, while many view it as not entirely comfortable as compared to the use of a personal car, it’s one of the most amazing ways to travel and enjoy your journey. As much as private cars or Uber gives you more independence, there are infinite reasons why one should use public transport and why it pays off. Here are at least 10+ stupendous reasons why you should use public transportation when you travel.

1. Avoid congestion. Most of the road traffic congestions witnessed on roads across various cities around the country are around office timings. If we are pensive about addressing the problem, then we should often use public transport.

2. Reduce Stress. During the commute, you can also read or just enjoy the view which will help in boosting your dopamine hormones and reducing your stress levels. Furthermore, using public transport to travel helps you unwind.

3. Save money. Using public transport can save you up to four times the money you use commuting in your private or personal car.

4. Positive impact on health. The use of public transport will ensure you have to walk more often between the stations and places you’ll be boarding the public transportation. Consequently, walking in between your public transport routines aids in improving your mental health and physical well-being.

5. Reduce the use of fossil fuels and the depletion of natural resources. The use of public transport saves on at least twice the fossil fuel energy used in personal cars.

6. Meet New People. Public transport is used by thousands and diverse people across the society, you have all the room to make friends and enjoy the ride by meeting interesting new people.

7. Quicker travel. You may not believe this as true, but public transportation systems have dedicated travel routes. This makes it quicker to reach travel destinations as compared to travelling alone in a personal car.

8. Reduce Pollution. Environmentalists and urban planners vouch that public transport helps cities reduce traffic congestion and the overall level of pollution.

9. Promotes local city tourism. The use of public transport in major cities will aid in decongestion and encourage city tourism. Tourists may also feel much safer and free to use public transport systems such as trains and buses because it gives them the chance to meet new and interesting people from different cultures.

10. Buses and trains are much safer compared to personal vehicles. Personal vehicle accidents are estimated to contribute to higher fatality rates than bus or train-related accidents. By travelling by public transport, you significantly reduce your threat to road carnages.

Thus, if you are a regular office goer or tourist or planning outing with friends try using public transport system massively as not only this strengthens the public departments, also provides you with above-mentioned benefits.



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